Sarah Lynn Ferguson Jenkins


Wrath of the Warden Protector
Family is more than Blood
Natural-Born Manager
At war with GOD
Lady of the Ferguson Jenkins Clan
Because I said so, Dammit!
My Husband is gone but not forgotten
I can keep a secret & throw away the key
Why does everyone leave me?


Sarah Lynn Ferguson was born on December 27, 1991, two full days after her twin Amicus Aequitor Ferguson to the warlock Alera James. Their father, Darcy Delano Avernus Ferguson, forbade the doctors from treating Alera’s hemorrhaging, assuring her death.

Sarah and Amicus were raised together until the age of 4, when Darcy separated them; Sarah to one side of the house and Amicus to a shack on the grounds. The favorite child, Sarah was lavished with attention while Amicus was ‘trained’ by Darcy in swordplay. Their foster father and cousin, Pastor Gregory, taught Amicus to be a good man despite Darcy’s ‘teachings’.

On their thirteenth birthday, Gregory told the twins about their mother. It was then he learned of Darcy’s plot to destroy the family and still keep his hands clean; Sarah and Amicus grew up thinking that they would marry each other. Outraged, Gregory confronted his cousin, which ended in his own beheading.

Amicus challenged Darcy and the two fought until both passed out from blood loss. Sarah got her twin off of the grounds and be began his wandering of the world. Sarah stayed at Dalkeith, learning how to use her awakened magical abilities.

When they were 17, Sarah left Scotland to visit her brother at his new ‘home’, a house in Rapid City, SD. She was sent to be watched over as her former master had gotten herself killed by Red Courts. This is where she met the rest of the group. Eventually, she was assigned to be the apprentice of Warden Morgan Jenkins.

After her brother (who was now going by Harry) married her master’s sister, Guinevere Jenkins, Sarah stuck around in Rapid, even after she passed the White Council’s Tests.

The day after Harry’s 18th birthday and the day before Sarah’s, Harry, Jim, Lucas, and Persephany all went missing. It was Sarah who delivered her niece and nephew, Hannah and Harry, when they were snowed in at the house.

The three of them, Sarah, Guinevere, and Morgan, searched for their missing friends but were unable to find any trace of them. A year later, Morgan finally proposed to Sarah and they were married the following April. He was unfortunately killed in a Fae skirmish the following month, leaving Sarah both a widow and pregnant.

Darcy, offering Sarah and her unborn child asylum, was angered upon Sarah’s refusal, burning the house in Rapid down, almost killing Guinevere. His men kidnapped Sarah, the twins Hannah and Harry, and her in-laws, Howl and Sophie Jenkins. Guinevere came and saved her, but not before the warlock with Darcy killed Howl, Sophie, Calcifer, and Guinevere and Morgan’s (now) Fae sister, Hannah. Guinevere killed both Darcy and the warlock with him.

Sarah and Morgan’s daughter, Morgaine Sophia Ferguson Jenkins was born a few days later.

With no where else to go, Sarah and Guinevere went to Dalkeith house, starting an orphanage of sorts for the children of magic users and fae. After calling in a favor with the King of England, Sarah became the Lady of Dalkeith, and changed the family crest from Ferguson to Ferguson Jenkins.

Sarah is the legal head of the family and tries to do her best at keeping everything and everyone together. She tries to do too much and has only recently realized that she needs to start asking for help.

Sarah Lynn Ferguson Jenkins

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