Elaine Marie Jenkins


Elaine is the youngest child of Howl and Sophie Jenkins, born a few days after her half-sister Hannah’s grandmother had died (April 14, 1998). She is a wizard of moderate talent but her true passion is art. Her paintings of things she has seen with the sight are something to behold. Her hair turned from reddish brown to stark white the night her parents died.

She is technically the apprentice of her sister Guinevere, but is learning more from her sister-in-law Sarah and from self-study at the moment due to Guin’s frequent absences. She has a strong talent for veils and like most Jenkins before her, an annoying disregard for authority. She is especially close with the Summer Court Fae Garret Ashdale, who was invited into the house so Elaine would stop sneaking off the grounds.

Her best friend is her uncle/brother Logan and between the two of them, they keep the household running pretty well without Sarah or Guin’s input.

Elaine Marie Jenkins

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