Harry Lignarius

Slightly clueless 18-year-old Scottish knight. Recently took up a Sword, ready for a long (or not) life of Service.



High Concept – Knight Protector
Trouble – Place in this World
Background – Raised on the Sword
Rising Conflict – Worthy of the Sword
Novel – What Left Turn?
Guest Star Novel – “The Man and His Mouse”
Guest Star Novel – “My Lady Fair”
Additional Aspect – Recently-Acquired Calm
Additional Aspect – “Into the Fires of Battle…”
Additional Aspect – “…unto the Anvil of War!”
Additional Aspect – There When Needed


Superb +5: Weapons, Athletics
Great +4: Discipline, Resources, Might
Good +3: Endurance, Alertness, Fists
Fair +2: Contacts, Empathy, Rapport, Scholarship
Average +1: Stealth, Craftsmanship, Performance, Presence, Investigation, Lore


True Name: Amicus Aequitor Ferguson

High Concept
Formerly a “Newb Knight”, Harry has progressed in skill, stature, and maturity. While still not a full adult, Harry’s adventures have led him to grow up quickly, and helped him truly establish his sense of right and wrong.

Ever since he left his home most of a decade ago, Harry has been searching for his Place in this World. Finding a home and friends helped to establish a sense of belonging, but Harry is only just beginning to truly find his “place”…

Harry comes from an…interesting background. His father raised him for the express purpose of acquiring and, through ignorance and fury, destroying a Sword of the Cross. His rearing left him with the skills of a true knight of old, but left him with no feeling of purpose. Now that he has found a purpose in his friends and his Duty, the skills garnered in his youth have served him well indeed.

Rising Conflict
Even before he found a Sword of the Cross, Harry was constantly falling short of his own goals for being Worthy of the Sword. Now that he’s been entrusted with one…

No one has ever gotten as lost as Harry can: he once got lost in Wales and wound up in Florida. The party has recently discovered that he travels along leylines, which gives them all kinds of tactical options…

Guest Novel
Shortly after leaving the British Isles behind, Harry found himself at the Happiest Place on Earth: Disney World. Strangely, the Parks were shut down and abandoned after several ‘accidents’ lead to more than a dozen deaths in each Park. With the help of a mysterious new friend, Harry navigates from the Animal Kingdom to the Magic Kingdom, fighting Fae, Black Court, and ghosts in an effort to find out what is going on between The Man and His Mouse.

Guest Novel
Before he left the United Kingdom, Amicus met a young woman who told him he ‘looked like a Harry.’ Taking that as his new moniker, Harry never really expected to see her again, this time in America. Over many perilous adventures and several ‘too-much-like-a-fairytale’ moments, Harry proposed to His Lady Fair.

Additional Aspect #1
After a lifetime of activity and furious action, Harry’s interactions with his faith and his children have redirected his efforts. Though it may be a bit fragile, he has a Recently-Acquired Calm that has enabled him to sit back and think whenever required.

Additional Aspect #2 & #3
The best metals are heated, pounded, and tested repeatedly to ensure excellence. A Knight now, Harry cleaves to the idea that the testing and trying of conflict will improve him. Even the conflict of maintaining calm in his new life is a form of battle: “Into the Fires of Battle, Unto the Anvil of War!”

Additional Aspect #4
Having taken on the responsibilities of a Knight of the Cross, Harry can use his superpower of getting lost to be There When Needed. Warning: ‘There’ may vary as HE directs.

Harry Lignarius

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