Alex Loup aka Alex "Arwel" Jenkins

Spirit Warrior of the Wolf Totem


Reborn Spirit Warrior of the Wolf Totem
Shards of Rage
Sacrifices for my Pack
Alpha Male Syndrome
Protege of the Hehata
Hunted with the Fae
Disciplined Fighter
Primal Instinct
Well Traveled


Superb +5: Discipline, Fists (Killer Blow)
Great +4: Athletics, Conviction
Good +3: Alertness, Endurance, Might
Fair +2: Intimidation, Survival, Scholarship, Stealth
Average +1: Deceit, Driving, Empathy, Lore, Presence, Resources


Brought back from the dead, Alex was trained by the Hehata to become a “Spirit Warrior”. Alex learned many things from the Hehata, particularly to use spirit magic (which from his martial arts training he views as ki energy, not “mystical magic nonsense”) and he also learned to channel the wolf spirit which results in him becoming a hybrid “wolfman” form.

Like his former life, he was thrown into the thick of things with his friends again only to realize that everything he knows (aside from his friends) are now gone since his “rebirth”.

Since his re-emergence to the world, Alex had no more ties to his past life and has been adopted into the Jenkins family and in Arwel’s honor, Alex took Arwel as his middle name.

Alex now vows to do all he can to protect his friend and adoptive family and right all the wrongs that has happened since his absence.

Alex Loup aka Alex "Arwel" Jenkins

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